About me

I am a software engineer specialized in web technologies. I particularly like to be able to take care of the implementation detail as well as the visual aspect of the product I'm working on.

I've been mostliy writing Javascript and CSS for the past couple of years but I also have a long professional experience of Java and a very good academic knowledge of C++.

On my free time I like to take care of my son, cook and write some more code.


2014 - now

Front-end developer for World Careers Network

Helped migrate codebase to modern frameworks (Angular, Angular 2), participate in the refreshing of the UX and developped a mobile port (based on Apache Cordova).

2013 - 2014

Front-end developer for the Human Brain Project

Designed and implemented an Angular based front-end for a scientific collaboration platform and help design the API for a document management service


Authoring of the book jQuery Game Development Essentials

Wrote a book for Packt Publishing about game development in Javascript unsing the DOM and jQuery.

2010 - 2012

Customization of a medical care invoice checking software

Added support for a new type of invoices (Minimal Clinical Dataset) to an existing software in Java. (Transversal modification, form GUI to workflow)

2008 - 2010

Insurance application development and integration

Customization and integration of one of the leading heath insurance software in switzerland. (Java, service-oriented server-client software)

2007 - 2008

Financial reporting application customization

Customization of a large cocoon based web application for Odyssey Financial Technologies.


Electronic document management for a Swiss Bank

Development of modules for a legal archive system using Oracle Content DB API (Java). Development of the web user interface with faceted search (Struts, Spring).


Master in Computer Science from the EPFL

Completed my master in CS at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne with amgonst others cours like Complier Construction, Computer Vision, Program parallization on PC Clusters, Concurency Scemantics and Computational processing of textual Data.



An easy to use jQuery plug-in to help make javascript game development easier by adding some simple game-related classes.

jQuery Game Development Essentials

This book will teach you how to use the environment, language, and framework that you’re familiar with in an entirely new way so that you can create beautiful and addictive games.

onGameStart 2012 Talk

This is the story of more than four years development of gameQuery, its successes, mistakes and learnings encountered along the way.

RacerJs Turbo Challenge

A canvas-based tribute to classics like the Lotus and Outrun series.


A wordpress based multi-language website for a local cleaning business.


A canvas-based voxel landscape renderer that got featured on Chrome Experiments.

Imagine Coiffure

A wordpress based website for a local hairdresser.